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Plugging In

There are so many posts and so many articles on the use of the “handheld computers” we so love and how they make us miss out on life-that really, just make me feel crummy.  I myself recently was informed, “No texting while playing Barbies.” Touche little one, this is not the proper way to train a sidekick.   Along with my other many shortcomings, my phone may be one of them.  I am also, though, trying to find the good in all things, or maybe just justifying my actions.  I loose my phone at least ten times a day, I know this, because I am looking for it.  Why then do I still have it, well it is just this.

It’s a connection that I have to world.


I just moved to a new place.  I don’t live near my family or friends (but working at making some new ones), and I am not employed out of the home.  I love my sidekicks.  They are my whole world, but sometimes I need a little something more. I need to keep learning and growing too, so I look to others in my life for that.  I need inspiration and motivation and I have many people in my life that help provide that for me.  I think I am pretty good at face to face conversation and can still hold my own.  I am not out at lunch in a restaurant, ignoring my family while on my phone, but I realize that I have learned new skills and new conversation options by “plugging in”. Again-a belief in all things in ration.

With my business background I understand the importance of global conversation and how the world is changing-technology skills are important too.  Historically, I talked with extended family, once a year at our family reunion, but now, I get to see new babies, and new jobs with the click of a button.

So I agree to disagree a little here, I will put down my phone while playing barbies, but I will probably check in on people a couple of times a day, because being honest with myself about my limitations makes me feel better.  I don’t feel like a failure if I set realistic expectations.  By not comparing myself to others and just doing the best I can everyday I think I will grow, and hopefully get better at this training thing. Maybe this post should really be about self expectations, and not my phone, but I digress.

(I sure hope my phone and I don’t get struck by lightning–okay, not really but I thought this picture was neat)


photo by: David Blaikie

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