The Teeny Tiny Lady

It is my grandmother’s funeral today.  She was such a wonderful kind lady, as you read here. When I was small and we slept at her home she would always read us the story of the Teeny Tiny Lady, which you can read here. Looking back, it should have been scary but her voice was just so magical. She was a wonderful story-teller. It was our favorite.  She herself was such a Teeny Tiny Lady but she had a great big heart that led to a great big life and great big hole left behind.  I wrote this poem for her today and I hope she knows just what a great big impact she made on my life.


The Teeny Tiny Lady

A Teeny Tiny Lady lived in a Teeny Tiny House

She lived a great big life, as quietly as a mouse

This Teeny Tiny Lady would always answer the phone

With a “Hello Dolly,” “I love you”, and “It’s wonderful here at home”

Never did she ever, let her burdens fall

Onto another shoulder, never, not at all


This Teeny Tiny Lady was classy, but rugged tough

She’d give her all to others, and she thought that not enough

This Teeny Tiny Lady was the master of the meal

On big horse rides, or holidays, everyone got their fill

She waited, every meal, until last she’d eat

Even after all were done, with their ice cream treat


This Teeny Tiny Lady, she had a great big heart

No kids to bed, in cold sheets, no, a blower to warm the heart

And just hold still and wait a beat, “I’ll read just one to you”

This Teeny Tiny Lady, though, would often read a few

And in her many voices, you’d quickly fall to sleep

Then…“I love you darling, my precious, oh aren’t you so sweet”


This Teeny Tiny Lady thought your worst was quite enough

You were brilliant, and beautiful and very, very, tough

And though you’d fail she’d cheer quite big, as proud as she could be

An audience all her own, this Tiny Lady She

She’d never miss a time to see her child steal the show

From bench to floor, stage to door, she was proud and you would know


This Teeny Tiny Lady, she always could find joy

From a pretty day, to a lousy meal or a call from my girl or boy

“oh aren’t they sweet, and thanks so much” This little lady would say

“Don’t bother tomorrow, I know you care, call another day”

I wish I’d called her every day as each of her kids have done

What would I give to see her life before me on re-run


I know this tiny lady is happy now today

“I’m with my love, and your mom,” I’m certain she would say

And when I close my eyes and imagine where she’s at

I see her, no scarf, but she is wearing her hat

He picked it up, and her too, that grandpa of mine

And now I know, without a doubt, this lady’s doing fine


I know she’d say she loves me, and that she’s proud of me

This Teeny Tiny Lady’s one I can’t wait to see

Shoot a gun with my grandpa, and let him sing to you

Take a dance with my momma and tell her “I love you”

Please, Teeny Tiny Lady you are a special one

Your brand new journey up above, I know has just begun


But as for me, here left behind, I’m thankful for the time

Oh Teeny Tiny Lady, I’m so thankful that your mine

I promise that I’ll always try to be “that” good

You always saw in everyone and believed that they all could

I love you Tiny Lady and you left a great big space

I can’t wait to see you again, another time, another place

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