A Celebration of Mother Earth

Because we need no reason to party, but like to find them, my sidekick insisted on a birthday party for Mother Earth on Earth Day.  It turned into quite the day.  We started with a neighborhood cleanup walk.  “Mother Earth is probably very happy right now.” was the consensus.

image1 (6)

Also a statement or two about, “This is what a garbage man must feel like all day” were made.  Increased respect.

image3 (3)

We recycled our crayons by placing them in a mini cupcake pan.


We tried to put them in the sun, but the clouds rolled in, so instead we popped them in the oven at 200 degrees for about 5 minutes. Time to color!

image4 (3)We made an attempt for a view of our pretty valley, but it was so smoggy and rainy today that it wasn’t a photo moment.  But we came back home and had Pizza, because it is round, and cupcakes from the Easy Bake Oven for dinner. (because it was for the kids and we like smiles)  We sang “Happy Earth day to you” with friends and shared some gratitude for the place we live.  Happy Earth Day!


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