An Introduction to a Great New Friend: Dutch Hollow

Today I was brave.  I have been enjoying running-especially on trails and have been wanting to try my hand at Dutch Hollow.  I have seen so many incredible pictures and memories made, but I was always waiting for the right time, or the right invite at the right time.  That doesn’t often happen with my crazy scheduling. There is also something a little intimidating about running someplace like this without a whole crew.  A few weeks ago I joined a group of runners for a full moon run and had such a great time.  I had put off going for so long, worried that I would be the slowest one there, or that I wouldn’t be able to go the distance, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the group was full of runners of all levels.  It gave me great confidence in myself as a runner that no matter the level if you run, you too are a runner.

I decided to venture out and up, on my own today.  I can do this….  Although the distance isn’t long, It’s up.  I caught myself smiling. I arrived at my first peak.  The view was beautiful and my heart was filled with such joy.  I sat on the top of the hill for a minute and reminisced about the many trail runs I went on with my mother.  She was full of such badassery that if you looked up that word in my hypothetical dictionary, I am certain it would say next to it: “Lucy”.  I felt a little like her on the top of that peak.

image1 (2)

It wasn’t enough though, I decided to push on through the mud, ice, snow, dirt, slick rock and even grass to another peak, just so I could see the other side.  Whew….breathtaking.

image3 (1)

I love this.  I am looking forward to pushing myself to more distance and more challenge. I love the course and the active aspect of a trail run.  I love the climb.  This is my jam…..

image2 (2)

What a beautiful day.  My shoes were screaming “No More” but my heart was saying bring it on.  Loved this.  So blessed I live where I do.  image4 (1)Selfie overload…but hey.  Looking forward to many more runs in this beautiful place I call home.  Also to many more thoughts/runs with my mom.

On that note. image5 (1)Too soon?


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