The Sacrifice

I had a few compliments from friends that outweighed some recent expressed concerns from others about the way I am raising my kids.  I admit, my kids may be a little spoiled.  Not so much with things, but with my time and attention. Not every minute of every day is filled with fun and games (even though social media often may show differently).  We live a very real life with real expectations.  Allow me, however, to defend myself and my position from my point of view.

When I left work and chose to be a stay at home mom, this decision was not for me.  No I didn’t want to miss out on my children’s life, that’s true, but I did love my job and the people who I worked with.  I chose to stay at home for my children.  I sacrificed my career, much of my social life, and the part of my life that really made me feel proud of my accomplishments.  I sacrificed.

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When I made this sacrifice I also made a commitment to myself.  If I am giving up so much of me, I am going to do everything I can to be great at it.  I owe myself that.  This isn’t just about them. I want to feel pride in what I do too.  I made a commitment that I would do something fun everyday.  It doesn’t have to be big, maybe it’s just a game of ball with my boy and a game of Barbie’s with my girl.  Sometimes, it may be a tree picnic or a day at the zoo.  One thing every day.  Why?  Because it’s my reward.  Not just for them, but it ensures that I get to see pure joy and happiness at least one time a day.  Plus, it allows me to do things that make me feel young.  I enjoy it too.

I may not be the perfect mom.  We don’t always do fun things.  My kids have chores and have to clean up after themselves.  They often play alone and sometimes they are even pulled from a dance recital because they failed to listen and be respectful to their teacher.  I am purely doing the best that I can, not just for them, but because I sacrificed so much-I deserve to do my best everyday at what I chose.

It’s my personality, maybe,  but I think they deserve it and so do I.  I wouldn’t make a different choice.  I am so blessed to be with them everyday.  For my blessing I say thanks in time.

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